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Knee Pain Treatment

Several people go about their lives having pain and discomfort in their knees instead of seeking help from physical therapists to ease the pain. The knee is one crucial part of the lower limbs which consists of a number of different components. Injury to even a single component has the potential to cause pain, hinder mobility or cause permanent disability. This is why you need the rehabilitations services of our Staten Island NY office should you feel any discomfort in your knees.

Several factors can contribute to knee pains. While some are complex and require more specialized medical attention, others are not so serious and will only need physical therapy knee treatment as the appropriate remedy. Here are some of the common causes of knee pain-:
• Knee arthritis – so many patients suffer from this but there are also a lot of remedies for it.
• Ligament injuries – these results from sporting activities and causes instability and discomfort to the knee.
• Cartilage injury – happens when the knee cartilage gets tone. It’s a common cause of knee pain in both young and the old people.
• Dislocating Knee cap – this can result from various sources and it has acute symptoms and can lead to chronic knee pain.

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions or you have any pain in your knee region, it is imperative that you consult a doctor for a complete diagnosis of what the problem might be.

We have a great team who will offer with any assistance you might need. Our clinicians have the experience and the knowledge to guarantee you high quality physical therapy knee treatment.

Additionally, our location in Staten Island, NY makes access to us very easy. It’s also comforting to note that we start our operations very early in the morning and we close late at night. In order to offer you quality services, we remain open during weekends and accept most insurance plans.

Get in touch with us today and arrange for a same day appointment so that you can do away with the pain causing you discomfort in the knee.

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