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Shoulder Pain Treatment

There are numerous treatments available for shoulder pain, many of which promise to relieve the discomfort in a matter of minutes. However, recurring shoulder pain can be a sign of serious underlying health issues.

Physical therapy for shoulder pain is widely considered to be the best choice to manage and treat shoulder pain, injury and dysfunction. Physical therapy for shoulder pain is provided by a skilled, professional therapist that specializes in treating disorders in the upper extremity.

The clinicians at our Staten Island NY office will address not only the stiffness of motion of the shoulder, but also provide a significant amount of pain relief during the therapy session.

A good program for physical therapy for shoulder pain begins with an accurate diagnosis by your doctor about your condition. Simply choosing exercises to treat recurring shoulder pain can lessen the risks of further injury and intense pain. After you have acquired a complete diagnosis about your condition, a PT program is created specifically for your condition. A customized program for shoulder physical therapy in our Staten Island NY office can make the difference in your recovery.

The advantage of a physical therapy for recurring, intense shoulder pain is that the education that you can get and the information expected regarding the outcome of the therapy program. Often, patients are evaluated by the therapist for their condition and required to attend to 2-3 therapy sessions and can perform self- treatment sessions if they perceive progress.

People who suffer from shoulder pain tend to rely on quick fixes such as medications to stop the pain. Although medications are effective in relieving the shoulder pain, they only hide the underlying problem. Physical therapy allows patients to perform the exercises meant not just to relieve the pain, but also to fix the underlying issue.

Treatments used in physical therapy for shoulder pain may involve the use of thermal modalities including moist heat; moist heat can provide short term relief to shoulder pain by easing the muscle ligaments and improving blood flow in the affected area. Ultrasound, joint mobilization, and targeted exercises are also some of the techniques used in physical therapy for recurring shoulder pain. Targeted exercises can increase the strength and functionality of affected muscles and prevent mobility issues from arising. These techniques are often used in combinations depending on the severity of the patient’s symptoms.

Treating shoulder pain should not solely rely on medications. Physical therapy for shoulder doesn’t have to be expensive, but it requires consistency. Daily actions can reduce the debilitating effects of such condition. You can use medication to relieve pain, but it does not ensure that pain will not recur. In addition, more aggressive treatments like surgery must be your last resort if all available conservative methods to treating shoulder pain fail.

Physical therapy for shoulder can help you treat your symptom and avoid serious health conditions from arising. When you finish a physical therapy program at our office you can be assured that in addition to your symptoms being treated, you are also provided with the information that can help you prevent the pain from recurring.

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